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smoking wood
smoke it baby!

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smoke bullets


Are you ready for a new variant of smoking wood? Then try the smoke bullets from Outlaw BBQ. These smoke briquettes give off a beautiful, pure smoke to your dish for a long time.


The smoke bullets are made of 100% wood. No filler or binding material has been added. No artificial materials or flavors. It is a unique product that adds a fantastic wood flavor to your dish. Pure and clean.

Add them dry or wet (the taste is even more intense) to the charcoal as soon as you want to place the meat on the grid. The smoke bullets smoke for hours.

where available?

The smoke bullets from Outlaw BBQ are available at the following dealers:

  • Bail Out BBQ | Heukelum | Live BBQ shop and webshop

Follow us on instagram: @ outlawbbqnl

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