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Moink balls? Nope. Choink rolls!

Moink balls are fantastic. But give the dish a twist! With these choink rolls you can serve something different using the same principle. Minced chicken, bacon, herbs. De-li-cious! And...... simple trick, but by making a roll of it you do not have to put that small stick in it. Chill!!

Ingredients for 4:

  • 600 grams minced chicken

  • 1 packet smoked bacon

  • 800 grams baby potatoes

  • dry rub Smokey Fire (or Wild Mustang or Spicy Bullet)

  • half onion rings to taste

  • raw vegetable salad

  • dressing as desired for the raw vegetable salad

  • fresh herbs to taste such as parsley or chives

  • bbq sauce for a glaze

  • nice beer like Brown Buffalo (if desired ;-))

Let's get to work:

  1. Prepare your bbq for direct grilling at about 200 degrees celcius;

  2. Season the minced meat with two tablespoons of Smokey Fire and mix well. Then knead rolls of the seasoned minced meat and roll a slice of bacon around it;

  3. When the bbq is at the right temperature, put the skillet on the fire and fry the potatoes with a little oil in the pan. If desired, sprinkle a little cajun dynamite spices on it. Let it bake for about 20 minutes;

  4. Now place the choink rolls on the bbq grid and grill them for about 15-20 minutes. Turn them regularly. If desired, glaze them for the last 5 minutes with a nice reddish-brown bbq sauce. Also add the onion rings in a small pan let them bake nice and brown. Don't forget to shake the potatoes regularly.

Put everything on your plate and enjoy!!!!


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