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smoke chips brandy


Smoke chips are perfect for adding a subtle smoke flavor to your dish. You use the chips with dishes that have to be on the BBQ for a short time. Such as sausages, burgers, chicken breast, bavette, skewers.

With smoke chips you get that extra smokey flavor. AND...... Not unimportant. Your entire garden will be filled with a wonderful scent with these brandy chips! Prepare yourself for mouth-watering neighbors at your garden gate.

You can soak the smoke chips in water for 30 minutes before use. But you don't have to. You can also add them dry. Try out what you like. 

where available?

The smoke chips from Outlaw BBQ are available at the following dealers:

  • Bail Out BBQ | Heukelum | Live BBQ shop and webshop

  • Butcher Marco Veenema | soest

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