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dry rubs
spicy up your meat

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Hot mexican sun dishes. We love it. This rub is beyond any Mexican spice bag. Wonderful scent, great taste. Perfect for:

  • Burritos with minced meat

  • Wraps filled with chicken fillet 

  • Filled Taco's

  • Grilled shrimp


Delicious on:  CHICKEN, PORK, SHRIMP

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Ingredients: sugar, salt, spices (cocoa, paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin, lemon pepper, oregano, allspice and other herbs and spices).

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 1089KJ/247KCAL – Fat 2.8g – Carbohydrates 40g – Salt 22g  - Protein 2.9g

Allergens: mustard, may contain traces of nuts, celery and sesame. Free from lactose, gluten and artificial flavor enhancers. 

where available?

Outlaw BBQ dry rubs are available at the following dealers:

  • Bail Out BBQ | Heukelum | Live BBQ shop and webshop

  • Raw 21 | Oudekerk a/d IJssel | Live BBQ Shop

Follow us on instagram: @ outlawbbqnl

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