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dry rubs
spice up your meat

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wild mustang  


Taste the prairie. That's how clear we can be about this. Step into the atmosphere of mustang horses running past you. Outdoor living at its best! Perfect to use in the following dishes:

  • chicken wings

  • spare ribs

  • Flat iron steak

  • Pork tenderloin


Delicious on:  CHICKEN, PORK, BEEF

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Ingredients: beetroot powder, garlic, salt, onion, smoked paprika, chili, sugar, allspice and other herbs and spices.

Nutritional value per 100g: Energy 999KJ/239KCAL - Fat 1,8g - Carbohydrates 40g - Salt 23g - Protein 1,9g

Allergens: mustard, may contain traces of nuts and sesame. Free from lactose, gluten and artificial flavor enhancers. 

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