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brown buffalo  

We think you can barbecue every day. But of course there are extra special days when you just want to unpack and enjoy extra. With beer. Nice beer. Beer with taste. 

Brown Buffalo from Outlaw BBQ is one such beer. A nice beer with notes of roasted malts and a long, slightly bitter aftertaste. The wheat in it makes your mouth feel full. And it invites you to have an extra glass. Delicious with spare ribs, pulled pork and beef dishes such as picanha and bavette.

Ingredients: water, wheat malt, barley malt, sugar, hops, yeast. This product contains gluten. The beer is unfiltered and refermented in the bottle. Therefore: pour carefully.

where available?

Brown Buffalo from Outlaw BBQ is available at the following dealers:

  • Bail Out BBQ | Heukelum | Live BBQ shop and webshop

  • Raw 21 | Oudekerk a/d IJssel | Live BBQ Shop

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