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  • What good are all those accessories in the all-in pack?
    In our experience, the accessories in the all-in pack are necessary. Only with this you can get started right away. The rain cover speaks for itself, we will not mince words. Aspook: just handy, you can easily scrape the excess ash out of the bottom of the kamado. The roast net clip helps you lift the hot grill safely. Pizza stone: if you buy such a nice BBQ, you don't miss this opportunity. These pizzas are really tastier than from the oven in the kitchen. Heat deflector: you can't do without it if you want to roast a larger piece of meat. This plate ensures that it is heated via indirect heat and is not immediately seared dry by the glowing coals. Extra in the Pro Pack and Master Pack: Divide and conquer system: creates heat zones in the BBQ for active grilling and slow cooking or just keeping warm for a while. Ideal! Cast iron grid: you need this rack for really hot grilling. A stainless steel rack will not survive this. Cooking grid expander: your grilling surface suddenly doubles. Rotisserie: the icing on the cake! A big cherry: a fully operational rottisserie on electricity. Your kebab, chicken or shawarma slowly rotates on a spit. That will be fun! Of course you can also order an Outlaw BBQ kamado separately from us and then slowly expand the BBQ expansion at your own pace. But we'll say it in advance: just purchasing a kamado won't get you there!
  • Can I also only buy a kamado without an all-in pack?
    We can be brief about that. Yes, that is possible too. Of course we are 100% convinced of the added value of our all-in pack. Without those accessories (we see them more as necessary accessories) you will not get the most out of your kamado. A kamado BBQ is really meant for more than just burgers and satays. With an all-in pack you are ready for years. In one purchase! But we also understand the wish of customers that they would like to build their BBQ set-up step by step and enjoy every step. So yes: the parts are also available separately.
  • Where are these kamados made?
    Our kamados are made in our factory in China. Almost all kamados are manufactured in China. A few brands are made in Mexico and America. Our kamados are made in a factory that also produces for other well-known brands. Of course, each brand has its own characteristics such as unique colors and patterns on the outside of the ceramic. Many kamados are made of cordierite or clay or a mixture. Our kamado is made of mullite. Mullite, a mineral, can withstand higher temperatures than cordierite. For mullite it is no problem to withstand temperatures above 1000 . Our kamados are roasted at a temperature of 1280 . Cordierite can withstand only about 800 . ​ Our kamado is made in an electric oven, while other manufacturers use gas ovens. With an electric oven, the temperature inside is more even than that of a gas oven. That is better for the stability of the kamado.
  • But how does such a kamado work? Isn't it all very complicated?
    But how does such a kamado work? Isn't it all very complicated? We fully understand this uncertainty. The barbecue is expensive, a large piece of meat is pricey. You're going to blow it right now! You don't want that. We are going to help you. On our news page you will find articles with simple recipes. On the page 'order' you will find our folder 'Use and maintenance' and there is already a very simple step-by-step plan.
  • How much warranty do I have?
    We offer a ten-year warranty on the ceramic (the base and the dome). 2 years on all other parts. Read our full warranty statementhere.

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