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Outlaw BBQ is splitting up

What an adventure it is. Starting your own BBQ brand. What started as a joke that got out of hand slowly became more and more serious. So serious that other stores turned out to be interested in our products. Therefore the choice for the split up. As of this summer (2022) Outlaw BBQ will be a European available brand. Bail Out BBQ remains our own webshop and local live shop in Heukelum.

Outlaw BBQ is expanding

More and more shops and butchers in the Netherlands want to sell the products of Outlaw BBQ. And we are very proud of that. Scaling up our rubs and the smoked wood takes some time, but we are almost at full strength and we can deliver to the stores that are interested.

The split up

In order not to create confusion, Outlaw BBQ splits up. Bail out BBQ remains our webshop to consumers and local live shop where we of course sell 100% of the assortment of Outlaw BBQ. But also other top products from other brands. And that's where we're still growing in the range. Both Outlaw BBQ and Bail Out BBQ can be followed on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you interested in becoming a dealer of Outlaw BBQ? Please contact us at: or read more about it on our dealership page.


Follow us on instagram: @outlawgrillbbq

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